Single Origin Coffee vs Blended Coffee

Single Origin Coffee

Single-origin coffee is driven by the demand of consumers wanting high-quality coffee to be enjoyed in the purest form. For Buena Vida Coffee customers, the origin story and quality of the beans is the driving force to purchase our coffee.

Our single origin beans are the best offerings from local farmers and showcase a country’s or region's unique coffee profile. They tend to be lightly roasted and are best enjoyed with manual coffee brewing methods.

Using a manual brewing method opposed to a push-button brewer will allow for the complexity of the bean’s characteristics to shine, resulting in a burst of flavor with light and delicate notes.

Blended Coffee

Blended coffee mixes many beans from all over the world with the intention to create a flavor profile that is more exciting.  Many of our blends are geared towards everyday mainstream milk coffee drinkers. 

Our coffee roasting partners have their own special recipes for blended coffee depending on seasonal crops and current selections. Blended coffee is all about the consistency. Coffee roasters have to create similar blends consistently and tweak different types of beans to buffer seasonal changes in the flavor.

As the crops change from season to season, the exact formula will be altered so that the end-resulting blend remains roughly the same. 

    The Verdict: Single Origin vs. Blend Coffee

    Single-origin coffee versus blended coffee boils down to personal preference. One type of coffee isn’t better than another or one blend any better than another. For some of our coffee drinkers, the taste of our house coffee blend may be all they want for their morning routine. For others, having an interest in various coffee regions and varying flavor profiles can lead to trying new single origin coffees. 

    Dive deeper into the world of coffee and join our mission to live a Buena Vida one coffee cup at a time.