Pour Over Brewing Guide


A pour over coffee involves pouring hot water through ground coffee using a paper filter. The water drains through the coffee beans, extracting is unique flavor along the way.


Pour overs give your greater control over each step of the brewing process. You are able to control the speed in which you pour the hot water as well as the amount. All of this will impact the taste. It allows you to create a wide range of recipes, offering different qualities of your coffee beans.


Electric Kettle • 13g medium ground beans •  Scale •  Paper filter • Hot water - 93 degrees Celsius • Coffee server • Cup

Experiment with different grind sizes and pouring speeds to discover different characteristics of your coffee beans. Your water temperature is very important as well! If it is too high, you may end up extracting some bitterness, so get experimenting!


STEP 1 Rinse your filter with hot water. This will heat your coffee server as well as getting rid of the papery taste from the filter.

STEP 2 Place your 13g of ground beans into the filter. You are aiming for a medium grind. This will help with allowing the water to pass through without over extracting and becoming bitter.

STEP 3 Pour in 30ml of hot water and start your timer. This is called the bloom phase and will help remove gas from the beans. This gas will contribute bitterness so it is important to release it.

STEP 4 Mix your beans gently, with a spoon. This is to ensure that all the beans are soaked in the water so they can release their gas. Wait for 30 seconds.

STEP 5 Slowly pour, in circles, 70ml (total 100ml) of water. This phase is important as a lot of the sweet and umami flavors will be extracted from the coffee beans. Wait another 30 seconds. 

STEP 6 After 30 seconds (1 minute mark) pour in 100ml of water. In total, there will be 200ml of hot water. This phase, you can pour the water quicker than step5. 

STEP 7 Immediately stir, with a spoon, once in a clockwise direction and once in an anticlockwise direction. This agitation will help extract more flavors out of the beans.

STEP 8 After 2 minutes and 10 seconds, all the water should have been filtered. Gently mix your coffee server and then pour in a glass. Enjoy!

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