Moka Pot Brew Guide

Moka Pot

Moka coffee vs. espresso coffee: which one is the best coffee?

A Moka pot is a stove top coffee maker that brews coffee by the water passing upwards through the coffee beans. It does not have to pass through any filter so it helps get a full and pure extraction of your coffee.


Moka pot is a cheap alternative to espresso. Although you won’t get the crema from an espresso machine, the taste is very similar. You can also use the espresso to make into different drinks such as a latte. The Moka pot is also very popular amongst hikers and campers, as it is small and compact as well as being gas friendly.


Electric Kettle • 10gr (1/2 oz) of your favorite Buena Vida Coffee ground beans • Scale Hot Water - min 200 degrees Fahrenheit • Cup


There are different sizes of Moka pots so be sure to adjust the ingredients to the right scale. The main tip is to using hot water in the bottom chamber before you start brewing. if you start with cold water, it will take too long to get up to a boil. During this time, the flame from the stove might burn the coffee beans, resulting in a bitter flavor.


STEP 1 Steps Unscrew the bottom and pour in hot water up until the bottom of the valve. Do not use cold water otherwise the coffee beans will burn as you are brewing.
STEP 2 Place the filter basket on top of the bottom chamber. Carefully place 10g of finely ground beans into the filter basket with a spoon.
STEP 3 Gently level off the coffee beans with your finger or a knife. Do not push the coffee down otherwise the water will not be able to filter through the moka pot.
STEP 4 Screw on the top of the Moka pot. Be careful as the bottom chamber is full of hot water! Use a towel or a glove to hold it in place.
STEP 5 Place over a gas stove, over medium heat, just enough so that the flame covers the bottom. Do not use too high a flame otherwise it will burn the coffee and extract too quickly.
STEP 6 When the water in the bottom chamber begins to boil, the pressure will push the coffee upwards, into the top chamber. Open the lid to check it out! 
STEP 7 Once all the coffee has passed through to the top chamber, it is ready. This should take around 2 to 2 and a half minutes. Pour into a cup and enjoy your espresso like coffee! 
STEP 8 Enjoy! Moka pot is great for anyone that loves espresso. You can add foamed milk to make a latte or more water to make an americano. There are so many options!

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