Aeropress Brewing Guide


Aeropress is similar to a french press as they are both immersion brewers. However, this uses air pressure to filter your coffee through.

Aeropress makes very crisp and light tasting coffees. Unlike the french press, no oil or residue from the coffee beans are in the final cup. The immersion time is also significantly less than a french press. Therefore a clean cup of coffee is made.

Electric Kettle • 16g Buena Vida Coffee ground beans • Scale Aeropress paper filter • Hot water - 93 degrees Celsius • Coffee server • Cup

You can make very different types of coffee using an Aeropress. If you like espresso, a very fine grind with a low immersion time will provide very similar coffee to that of a coffee machine. Aeropress is also very popular with light roast coffees that are very fruity. Experiment with different types of coffee and grind sizes. There are also different ways to brew, for example using the inversion method, which further enhances extraction!

STEP 1 Place a filter on the bottom black cap. Screw back on to the Aeropress. This is a special filter for Aeropress as it is thin enough to allow the coffee to pass through but no sediment.

STEP 2 Pour hot water into to your aero press. This will heat up the brewer so that the coffee does not drop too much in temperature and also remove the papery flavor from the filter.

STEP 3 Place your 16g medium ground beans into the press. Shake to level off. Prepare your timer for 1 minute and 50 seconds. 

STEP 4 Start your time and pour in 150ml of water. Slowly turn the aero press with your other hand as you pour in to help soak all the beans. Wait 1 minute.

STEP 5 After 1 minute has passed, pour another 100ml of water in the press (total 250ml). You can pour this part quite quickly. 

STEP 6 Place the top part of the aeropress to prevent the coffee from dropping in temperature. Wait 30 seconds.

STEP 7 At the 1 minute 30 mark, slowly push down on the aero press. Use your other hand to make sure the server is stable. This plunge should take around 20 seconds. 

STEP 8 After plunging all the coffee out, gently mix your coffee server and then pour in a glass. Enjoy!

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